If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. ~ Adlai Stevenson

Reading & Watching

"I strew the path and I open the door to conversation. And we have books for breakfast, literature for lunch, Tennyson for tea, Dickens for dessert, a Midsummer Night's Dream for a midafternoon snack. We enjoy daily feasts of living books." ~ Children's author Melissa Wiley

"There can be some benefits of watching television – especially if done as a family. Tuning in to [educational] TV shows for kids can give your kids an up-close and personal peek into the lives of sharks. Or encourage them to use math to solve everyday problems. You might even learn more about your child’s opinions on different situations – if you watch with them." ~ Metro Parent

...Current Books...

  The Hobbit (bedtime read-aloud)

Homecoming (other read-aloud)

The Last Olympian (in-the-car listening)

Ballet Shoes (The Girl)

Winnie the Pooh (The Girl)

Norse Mythology (The Boy)

...Current Documentaries and Shows...

Cosmos (with Carl Sagan)

Life (David Attenborough version)

The Grand Tour (The Boy, and occasionally me)

Supergirl (The Girl, and occasionally me)