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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just some updated things...

We're starting back up with official homeschooling January 3rd, so I have updated our Current Curricular Choices and my American History booklist. I went ahead and ordered a few more craft/maps/etc. books, and a bunch of coloring books to go with our history studies. I also read through a number of posts on a couple of homeschooling message boards, and decided that if Cyrus is going to use Saxon Math, he could use a small whiteboard to do the problems on, rather than paper. I don't need page after page of his math work lying around! Cassia's Saxon Math 2 is in workbook format, so she'll continue with that. I am toying with the idea of making Saxon Math 5/4 worksheets on my computer, but Cyrus's eyes lit up at the whiteboard idea, and I already go through a lot of ink and paper, so probably not. He's currently debating Writing Tales and Intermediate Language Lessons - I told him the choice is all his!

In the meanwhile, we're reading Christmas stories, and enjoying the season. Our house is getting cleaner by the day (part of my deal with them for taking the rest of the month off from formal homeschooling), and we are reading through The Tarantula in My Purse for science. The kids are watching every Christmas movie they can get ahold of, and we are really looking forward to seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader for my birthday next week! We finally got back ahold of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets from our library and are enjoying that as well.

Plans for the next couple of weeks include:
Finishing cleaning
Baking gingerbread cookies, which the kids love to decorate
Making some gifts for relatives
Decorating the tree
Going ice skating
Reading more seasonal books
Participating in the pageant at church (yes, we recently started attending church)
Having relatives over on Christmas Eve
Enjoying a lazy Christmas Day all to ourselves

I am excited about the gifts we have chosen for the kids this year. Jessica, over at Foursquare Schoolhouse, has an excellent post on really listening to people, to find out what they really want, versus asking for lists, and so forth. I have tried to do that with my kids and husband this year, and can't wait to see if I was successful! I requested Christmas Eve off to reduce my own pressure load, and it was approved. We're closed Christmas Day at work, so I know I have at least those days off to enjoy my family.

Hope you're all having happy holidays as well!

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  1. Sounds like your household is very peaceful right now--wonderful! And thanks for the link back-I am always so glad when one of my posts is worthy of someone's attention other than my own. LOL!

    Happy Holidays!!!


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