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Monday, February 7, 2011


I am looking for that magic balancing point between unschooling and schooling. My children delight so much in interest-led education, but at the same time there are things I want them to learn and to know. So how to balance the two when in so many ways they are opposite sides of the same coin?

This is something I struggle with on a regular basis. And something I wish I could just figure out and stop obsessing over. However, I am coming to realize that it is a journey, and as such is subject to change.

Right now my obsession lies with science. I bought and downloaded Nebel's first and second books on science. I made a handy-dandy flowchart for the first book. I came up with a list of possible additional reading and videos to go with it. A tremendous amount of work (well, about 2-3 hours!) I put books on hold at the library. And now? Now I'm not feeling it. The kids are once again fascinated with insects, and I have loads of resources on that topic. I keep reading on a homeschooling message board that grades K-8 are really the time to allow freedom in science (although I've noticed that same attitude doesn't seem to apply toward history or any other exploration/unit-study-friendly subject... odd) I read about children who grew up with freedom in science having careers in science, or at least doing extremely well in college. And so I have a personal dichotomy. Both Nebel's books are extremely well done, very thorough and very complete. But are they the right fit for us? I suppose I'll never know unless I try, now will I? But then, there are the insects, and birds, and a veggie garden to plant, and this great book I found for Cyrus.

At least they are enjoying history. Or, let me be absolutely honest, Cyrus is really enjoying history. Cassia just sort of tags along, which at her age is fine. I would like to find something she loves with which to beef up our studies. Maybe once we get there, the addition of the American Girls books will help.

Someday I will find that magic balance point, and when I do, I'll let you know!


  1. Ah, that magic balance point. Elusive, is it not? :(

    I've discovered we have no choice but to continue the unschooling path. Benjamin's mind prefers open space...the moment overplanning comes into play he's suspicious.

    No worries, both Cyrus & Cassia will lead you in 'their' right directions and before you know it, you'll feel balanced! :)

  2. Psst...hey, where are you? Your FB page is suspiciously blank. :(


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