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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Sunday Speculations...

Another busy week has passed... a doctor's appointment for M, where he had post-op x-rays done, and got the news that he won't be returning to work until 2013. Yes, 2013. Wow. He is healing well - gets the stitches out next week, and the apparatus should come off in about another month. Oh, he did request that I stop using the kids' names on my blog.

Thought I'd share the awesome pics I took... WARNING - the second photo is a little gross.

Besides that, I went back to work this week. Just one day, for four hours. I'll be doing it again next week, and the week after that, then 2 days a week, gradually working my way back up to 5 days a week by mid August. I got through a lot of filing, and some computer database updating!

We read books - the whole family is enjoying Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We honestly did not get to much else in the Afternoon Basket... I need to get this up and going! The Girl worked on reading - she chose Reading Pathways this week. She's done a lot of artwork this week, making good use of the new set of pens I picked up.

The Boy read through a couple of books on human anatomy, and sculpted some internal organs from clay. He worked on computer animation, read more of The Wyvern's Treasure, watched some How It's Made, and hung out.

We "discovered" Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations this week, and "visited" Greece and Indonesia. The kids thought a lot of the food looked pretty good, but they weren't sure about the sheep's lower intestine stuffed with it's own spleen and grilled over an open fire!

Our chickens are happily laying eggs every day now - we get at least 3 a day. We've eaten a couple of tomatoes and several zucchini from our garden, and have loads of baby squash growing. M has counted 5 ears of corn so far in our little corn patch.

I re-organized my 2012-2013 plans a little. I am trying to make more room for child-led, but at the same time, I want the kids to have a framework. I also want to make sure we have some room in there for the fun stuff - yes, The Boy will be using Teaching Textbooks as his main math program, but I'd like to get some Family Math in there, as an example!

This week, we have such exciting things on the agenda as automotive repairs, stitch removal, a parent's dr.'s appointment, and so forth, but we also have an afternoon of swimming with friends and park day on the agenda! And today a friend's birthday party! Speaking of which, I had better get going!

Have a good week!


  1. My aunt had that exact same contraption on her arm back in the 70s! I remember it to this day b/c/ it is so crazy-looking. :)

    2013? Oh dear.

    Just curious? Why didn't you go back to Fairy & Elf? ;)

  2. Ohhhhh. Oh man. Oh ouch.

    You poor, poor thing. You all will be in my prayers.


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