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Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Friday to Me!

My last day of work before I get a two-and-a-half week vacation! And it started out with this beautiful sunrise (seen over the neighbor's house)...

Today we're supposed to be having a special park day, one to celebrate all the December birthdays in our group, and there's a fair number of those (makes you wonder what everyone does in March, doesn't it?) ;) But, the forecast is calling for rain, so we'll have to wait and see.

I am very much looking forward to the time off. I finished my first semester of grad school this week, and graded my last batch of papers for the semester, so now I can turn my hand to family, home, and homeschooling.

On the agenda:
~ Deep cleaning the main rooms of the house. By deep cleaning, I mean actually shampooing the carpets, scrubbing the kitchen floor more than the mop does, cleaning the windows, rearranging furniture, etc. The house is pretty tidy right now, but I want it clean! And I'm working on my plans for keeping it clean. That's one of the only downsides to homeschooling... the house always looks very lived in, since we're there a lot more than public-school families.
~ Moving more of the kids' stuff around in their rooms... we're almost done giving them their own spaces at last!
~ Holiday baking and treat making!
~ Finishing up my new plans for homeschooling in winter/spring of 2013!
~ Relaxation. Really. Reading books I don't normally have time to read, playing board games by the fireplace, watching movies with the kids and M... it'll be lovely!

Hope you all had a good week, and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Yay for you! Enjoy your well-earned and much needed vacation. I think you should focus especially on that last item~Relaxation! I know I could use some of that, too!!


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