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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art on the Fridge...

Artist for November: Jan Vermeer

I decided to put up two pieces of Vermeer's work this week, just to look at when getting some juice, or even walking past the refrigerator. I have a book to read too, when we get around to it. A special thanks to Mark Harden's Artchive for having so much artwork right there at the click of a mouse!

Next week, I have another couple of pieces to put up. I am not requiring any particular response... I simply want my kids exposed to great art!


  1. I should do something like this. Right now we have poetry days, and the kids are being exposed to all sorts of different poets. Maybe I should 'strew' some art, too… *ponders*

  2. Nice:). I like our picture study, but I don't tend to display the pictures after we talk about them. I think now maybe they should go on display for a week so we can all get more familiar with them.


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