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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Movies...

We got our Christmas tree, a small one, set up yesterday, and it is finally beginning to feel like Christmas around the house! I'm compiling our annual to-watch list, since I will be on vacation from both work and school as of this afternoon.

There are some movies we watch every year....


Yes, we watch (at least) TWO versions of A Christmas Carol. Alistair Sim is amazing as Scrooge -- an absolute classic -- and I have a longtime crush on Patrick Stewart. And yes, we only watch the Boris Karloff version of The Grinch, thank you very much! Scrooged was new to the kids last year, and they seemed to really enjoy the more modern take on a familiar story.

Other Christmas movies we enjoy...


Though I must say, we much prefer the first Santa Clause movie over the other two.

This year, I am thinking of adding in a classic or two...

   and maybe   

What about you? What are your favorite holiday movies?

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  1. We watch many of the same ones as you. My all-time fave is the Muppets Christmas Carol, though I do love the Patrick Stewart one too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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