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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Current Interests....

The Boy, thanks to a game on his phone, has become deeply interested in the world of immunology... disease, pathogens, epidemics, pandemics... so he's decided to make a little study on the subject, and related topics.

He's starting with:

which certainly looks intriguing!

And, for a little more historical perspective:

 And then for fun, if he likes, he might also read:

This last is purely for fun, as he enjoys Asimov's writings.

And The Girl is wrapping up her study of animals for the year, as we are down to the last two chapters of her main book: 

She'll be looking through: 


We also plan to finally dissect our owl pellets, and then frogs, as the grand finale to animal studies! 

She liked the textbook well enough that we are moving on to another from the series:

To which we will add a few "fun" titles:


In the meantime, math is going well... The Boy is doing, on average, two lessons a day in Life of Fred Beginning Algebra. The Girl finished up LoF Butterflies and is starting Cats today. The Boy is talking about writing a story, from a first-person perspective, about a pandemic, while also working on his essay about Ford and Chevy. The Girl is still enjoying poetry, so we read and discuss it, and she's continuing her work in Writing Skills. We're continuing our journey through [local] California history -- about halfway through the book -- and both kids have requested medieval times (especially British) next, so we might read:

I'm not sure if we'll get to this before or after our summer break!

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