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Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Job Shadow Day...

This week, The Boy got to tag along for a day with a family friend to the San Francisco Opera House. The friend runs the projection for the SF Opera, and was happy to have The Boy follow in his footsteps for a day, which by the way was about 13 hours including transportation time, and about 7 miles in walking during the course of the day! He got to meet people who worked with stage weaponry, lighting, pyrotechnics, robotic cameras, and more... he said it was an amazing day, and he had so much fun! I was thankful that the friend that took him also kept me updated with pictures throughout the day!

I've now decided to "officially" make job shadowing a part of high school for both my kids, and I am looking forward to setting up other opportunities!

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  1. Fun! Grace is doing a daycamp this week set up by a local college where they take all the kids over to the animal hospital each day to follow the veterinarians around. And I agree - job shadowing is a really great opportunity, she is learning a ton.


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