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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wow... Just Wow...

So you know I have worked as a reader for English teachers/professors in the past, which involves lugging home stacks of essays to read and grade, paid for by said teachers out of their own pocket. But this semester, I got a new offer... I was offered, through the local junior college itself, an Instructional Facilitator position. As such, I would work in the classroom occasionally with two teachers, I would of course continue lugging papers home to read and grade, and I would have some office hours to meet with students for tutoring!

I feel so grown up... me, with OFFICE HOURS AT A COLLEGE! All teacher-like...

I have talked with the kids and M extensively before even thinking of taking this on. M has agreed to take over much of the housework on a regular basis, and cooking on my long days. The kids have agreed to help out more around the house too. This is certainly one of those moments when I am truly grateful for the flexibility that homeschooling offers us!

And truthfully, the money will be more than helpful right now.

I am both very nervous, and very excited about this whole huge thing!

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