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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


...I am...

trying out new recipes

finishing up Dracula for my Gothic Lit class

working too many hours

suffering from shingles or hives, to be determined -- thankfully it's in a limited area, and not spreading... just very, very itchy

enjoying working with students, despite working too many hours

realizing that without derby practice after Thursday, we'll have two more nights at home

...The Boy is...

doing exceedingly well at the junior college (with a curve adjustment due to a number of low scores on the midterm in his Machine Tools Tech class, The Boy scored 109%)... he also finished his first tool, which is a drill gauge, handmade from beginning to end

designing a synskin (fiberglass, or shoji, paper) lampwhich will be hung in the living roomfor his 3D art class... here's his working model

 also reading, and really enjoying, Dracula, so we can discuss it

fencing here and there—being sick a couple of weeks ago really threw him off, and when he did fencing last Friday, he tired easily, and was really sore the next day

plugging along in math and writing, considering NaNoWriMo (young writers version)

spending spare moments playing Car Mechanic Simulator

...The Girl is...

slowly devouring The Marvelous Land of Oz

jumping ahead a bit in math

designing and developing a new comfort harness for dogs—she's hoping to launch her own (Etsy?) business by the age of 14

finishing up another season of roller derby, with plans to go back when it starts again in January

thinking about taekwondo or karate in the meantime...maybe...maybe not

reading about amphibians

working on her cooking skills

learning to play poker with M's help

...We are...

still watching Lost and having very interesting conversations about bits and pieces of it

laughing at The Worst Cooks in America

enjoying our October line-up of movies... we've watched Edward Scissorhands, Dracula, The Corpse Bride, and Sleepy Hollow so far, all with great success, although I will say The Boy enjoyed Dracula more than The Girl

trying to get history and science done—I really need to either get a handle on this, or just let go and trust unschooling these things

enjoying card games

looking forward to Halloween 

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  1. Oh, I hope it is not shingles, I had shingles in the spring and it was *awful*. I was completely exhausted and incapable of doing anything. Hope you're better soon!


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