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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Musings... February Plans...

...Plans for February...

Inspired greatly by Kim's post over at Enchanted Learning, here are some notes for this month!

February 2nd: Groundhog Day and Candlemas/Imbolc
We'll be watching Groundhog Day, at the request of the kids; lighting a candle in each room at sunset; and have a small-animal themed dinner/dessert, with M's family recipe for porcupine meatballs (as close as I could think to a groundhog inspired dinner), and this cute dessert idea borrowed from the blog linked above.

It will be the Year of the Monkey! M is a Monkey, so this will be a good year for him. It's also supposed to be good for me, decent for The Girl, and complex for The Boy.

We have kites, so we plan to head to a local park. Then we'll come home, and make Chinese food for dinner. We've never made fortune cookies, but it doesn't look too hard!

February 11th: National Inventors Day
We may read a biography or watch something on Thomas Edison.

February 12th: Lincoln's Birthday
I wonder of my kids would be ready to watch Lincoln? Thanks to this article on the former President's favorite foods, I think I might try my hand at chicken fricassee for dinner, with a side of biscuits.

February 14th: Valentine's Day
I'm glad it's on a weekend this year, so I have time to make a special breakfast... probably coconut pancakes with a strawberry sauce and some whipped cream.

Every year, we make Valentine's to exchange with our park day friends. We bring treats, and do the exchange the Friday closest to the holiday.

I'd also like to have a special dinner and dessert! And I'd like to try my hand at making heart shaped pretzels with pink salt, using the recipe from The Organic Family Cookbook for "Lotus Pretzels".

February 12th-15th: The Great Backyard Birdcount
We did this last year, and really enjoyed it. We'll count the birds in our yard of course, but might also go for a hike and count birds!

February 15: President's Day
Since we will have celebrated Lincoln's birthday already, this day will be more about George Washington for us. Maybe a book or documentary? And then, it seems he loved Green Beans Almondine, and steak and kidney pies, so that might help with dinner planning, as I have a great recipe for steak pies (minus the kidneys). Cherry-something for dessert, though if we have steak pie for dinner, probably not pie for dessert too!

February 26th: Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Definitely a day for beautiful picture books, and maybe Fairy cakes (for which I will likely use Nigella Lawson's recipe), hot apple cider (think of Snow White's poison apple), and maybe these Peter Rabbit Garden Pies!

[February does seem to be a very pie-friendly month, doesn't it?]

February 29th: Leap Day
I do like the idea of Leap Day time capsules, so we will aim to make one, to be opened in 2020. We might make some origami frogs, perhaps watch Leap Year (or at least, I might!), and I think I will make British Toad in the Hole for dinner (close enough to frogs and leaping, right?). I suppose I could make the American Toad in the Hole for breakfast too.

General Things to Do in February
Finish dormant pruning and general plant clean-up
Start some veggie seeds in our greenhouse/garden: lettuces, peas, spinach, chard, onions, and potatoes
Work on building our raised beds
Clean out the garage
Clean out the bookcases (I have to do this regularly!)

Looks like we'll be keeping busy this month!

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  1. Toad in the hole for leap day is an awesome idea - going to add that to my list. We used to make it quite often for breakfast, but haven't in ages.


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