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Friday, April 1, 2016

Wrapping Up Another Week...

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Seriously, where did the week go?

At the same time though, I'm glad it is Friday, and while I don't get to sleep in tomorrow (have to drive M to work), I still get a day to catch up on some stuff... housework, marking essays, puppy petting, etc., etc., etc. I won't be sleeping in Sunday either, nor will anyone else in the house, because we'll be doing a mud run! And then, I'll have an afternoon to receiver, and finish catching up on stuff... and homeschool.

I can't really say, in all honesty, that we did a lot of formal homeschooling this week, but the kids certainly continued learning a lot on their own!

The Girl...
  • Volunteer work (puppy petting)
  • Sewed two dresses, by hand, for dolls
  • Learned to propagate hens & chicks succulents (M taught her), and then she's been out in the greenhouse each morning, checking the plants and watering as needed
  • Read more of Harry Potter
  • Read an interesting article with me about another possible reason for the demise of the dinosaurs
  • Started watching Anne Frank: The Whole Story with The Boy and I—she's been asking to watch this for a while; and we watched some Downton Abbey, plus the first episode of Mercy Street
  • Helped my mom with a church baking project
  • Derby practice, worked out with me several times 
  • Created a few new pieces of art

The Boy...
  • Worked on the 1940s Ford he is helping restore—this week, they took out the engine, and the drive shaft for rebuilding
  • Designed a rocket in a physics game he's been playing on the computer... he also worked on a few cars in a mechanic simulation game
  • Spent happy hours devouring The Martian, which I'll be reading when he's done
  • Read more about black holes and other space phenomena, including several articles I sent to him
  • Watched Anne Frank, Downton Abbey, and Mercy Street with The Girl and I
  • Attended another parkour class
  • Worked on a few sketches, this time of buildings that had been long abandoned
  • Worked on his notebook, into which he enters conversions, runic alphabets, and any other tidbits that interest him

Goals for Next Week...

I'm all about keeping it simple for next week, and only have three homeschooling goals:
  •  Math, 4-5 lessons each
  • Language Arts, 4-5 lessons/work sessions each
  • Afternoon Basket (which I'll update later today)

And that's really about it for now! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week of learning even if there weren't many formal lessons.

  2. Good week. You are covering the core subjects. Visiting from weekly wrap up!

  3. I love your small corner! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)


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