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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday... a day late...

Somehow I am almost always behind on daily organized posts... sigh. Anyhow, here's my Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday!

Lemon-herb roasted chicken, salt potatoes from a favorite cookbook, and the Pioneer Woman's fabulous green beans!

Ginger-garlic beef and veggie stir fry over soba noodles. It was delicious! We had homemade blackberry cobbler for dessert - my hands are full of scratches, but the flavor was so worth it! I added some finely minced pineapple sage, freshly ground nutmeg, and a dash of cinnamon. YUMMY!

Chicken tortilla soup made with the leftovers from Sunday. My kitchen smells lovely right now as the stock is simmering away on the stove. More cobbler for dessert.

Soft taco night, with homemade pork carnitas, pinto beans (so thankful for my Crockpot!), fresh salsa, cilantro and avocado.

A ham-and-cheese fritatta, made with the last of the super delicious ham from a friend's pig. Spinach-mushroom salad on the side.

Turkey & three Bean Chili, with a crisp green salad on the side, and maybe some homemade cornbread.

M will probably grill something. I'm thinking trout!


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    yummy menu! i am going to have to try Pioneer Woman's fabulous green beans. tfs

  2. Yum! Making me hungry and inspiring me to get my schedule together more than 30 minutes before dinner time! I know where you got the blackberries and I'm thinking I know where you got the pork...where do you get the trout?

  3. Oliver's Market. They usually have the freshest fish I have found. Another option around here is Alcatraz Seafood (think that's still the name) on Sebastopol Road.


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