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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our books arrived!

I love getting home from an errand or two and finding a big box from Amazon on the front steps! I didn't get a chance to open it right away, so I ended up opening it at the kids' bedtime yesterday. Needless to say, bedtime was delayed as the kids just HAD to do a math lesson! Anyhow, everything was there, and all looks wonderful. M loved the science experiment books I had picked out, and is looking forward to helping me teach science.

I also picked up a (practically new) copy of Explorers from another homeschooling mom, so that we can give it a try. I already have The First Americans: Prehistory to 1600 from the library (they have the entire set, so why spend the extra money?), so now we're set to start history next week. I plan to use the History of US as the spine, and add in projects from here and there, including the Explorers cd mentioned (plus I love the printable timeline figures). I am hoping my copy of America: The Story of Us will get here soon too!

Now I just have a few odds and ends to pick up... some graph paper for Elf (math), a three-hole punch, that sort of thing. Oh, and we need to get our Flat Stanleys out! Ooops! I mean to every week, but before I know it the week is gone. Okay, tomorrow morning. Then they can go out in Saturday's mail. That reminds me, I need two 1" binders for geography. Still debating getting a laser printer, but then my inkjet is pretty good as long as I don't buy cheap ink.

So far I am enjoying my classes for the most part. Watched a very interesting documentary yesterday on the history of American education, and I like reading the Issues book we have, with writings from John Dewey, John Holt, etc. Very intriguing. I have a lot to do for my classes, but am not feeling quite overwhelmed... yet. We'll see how I feel after adding in homeschooling next week! I did back off on pursuing a class to add - I was trying to get my ethnic studies requirement out of the way, but have decided to go ahead and take an extra semester to finish up that along with math. I don't need to hurry, and I can't be gone half days three times a week and get anything sone around here, plus I have enough homework as is!

Other than that, we're enjoying park days, fencing (today is Fairy's first class - Elf did quite well last week, and it looked like so much fun that Fairy begged to join in), gymnastics, sunshine... yes, after a grey and cool summer complete with rain, we finally have hot weather! Maybe I should take the kids to the waterpark again. M ended up only taking one class right now since the waitlist for the other was insane, but I think that's better, as it gives him a chance to get used to being back in school and the one class carries quite a load of homework. There's a new engineering club that Elf might join in on. It seems perfect since he was asking me about engineering! Oh, and he wants to dissect things, so I need to research dissection kits, maybe as a Christmas gift?

Almost forgot! I got three lovely new blog awards! Thank you Michelle!

According to the rules of awards, I need to tell you seven things about myself, and pass the awards on to seven blogs, so here goes...

Things About Me:
1. I love being out in the evenings watering the garden by hand.
2. I am a socially awkward geek in many ways.
3. I sometimes wish I had waist length hair, but then long hair is too much trouble. Mine is nice and short right now, since M cut it for me last night.
4. I need to lose weight, but it is so much work! I have been hitting the treadmill on a more or less regular basis lately though. I don't want to lose it so I look nice (though that would be a good side effect) - I want to lose it so I am healthy for my family.
5. However, I love dark chocolate.
6. I try to meditate every day.
7. I want to learn all the Victorian meanings of flowers. I think it would be cool to give someone a flower that meant something in particular, or to grow flowers for their meaning(s).

Seven Blogs (in alphabetical order):
1. Down in the Meadow
2. Down on 3 Boys Farm
3. Foursquare Schoolhouse
4. Growing with Science
5. The Magic School House
6. Twig & Toadstool
7. Two Kid Schoolhouse

Have a great day! We're off to visit my dad now, then on to fencing.


  1. Isn't it fun to have some shiny new books to start the school year? I'm looking forward to using Hakim as well when we get back around to American history. Enjoy!

  2. Oh my! What a surprise to discover my li'l ol' blog on your list!

    Oooooh, I do love Amazon. Love, love, love it. :)

  3. I totally understand your enthusiasm for a box of books waiting on the front porch. I've gotten a few deliveries in the past weeks...several for me...Mamas need inspiration, too, don't you know.

    What a treat to be included in your blog list. This is my first experience with blog awards...do explain!

    =) I'll be spending some time over at Down on Three Boys Farm today...got some difficult things to ponder...

  4. New books - always exciting!

    Thank you for the blog awards! So kind of you. I'll accept them on my blog this morning and will try to follow the rules!


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