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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Can you believe our first day of "school" was back in September, and we still haven't managed to nail down what historical time period we're focusing on?

As far as nature studies, I came across this great Cornell University opportunity on a mailing list. I plan to order our kit in the next few days. We have a couple of bird feeders, and an active local bird population. The kids are really excited about this!

I also decided we're not nearly focused enough for an "artist of the month" or "composer of the month". Instead I'm thinking quarterly? I hope to take the kids to see a nearby Van Gogh exhibit and I just came across a possible Beethoven resource.

As far as what we've done this last week...

Both kids love, love, love Math Mammoth. While Saxon works, they often complained and dreaded it. Cyrus loves that he can do it himself, as the instructions are written to the child. Cassia likes how clear her goals are with it.

Cyrus did the first lesson in Intermediate Language Lessons, and did well. His only trouble was in telling the story back to me (verbally, not written). He was afraid he needed to instantly memorize it, but once he got the idea that it was more a summary/retelling, he did well.

Cassia worked a lot on Starfall again this week. I gave her a list to work through, of all the letter sounds we're currently using in The Reading Lesson. When she focuses, I can see her building reading skills.

Both completed lesson/chapter 2 in Grammar Land, learning about "Little Article". We also read a bit about the Aztecs, Incans and Mayans. We made really neat boxes, out of playing cards, at 4H (arts and crafts), and participated in the regular community meeting there as well. Cyrus did very well with presenting our community service project, and they got their pins and stripes! They were beaming with pride, and I'm sure I was too!

Besides the official learning, we've been: cooking together; playing a lot of Monopoly, alternating the kids as bankers; playing War, Go Fish, and Solitaire (which my mom taught them); reading; finishing the Coraline audio book (we're getting in a hurry to start the second Harry Potter one); and the kids have spent a couple of hours every late afternoon/early evening riding bikes up and down the sidewalks and any empty driveways with the friendly boy across the street. Cassia was running at one point (she's still a bit unsure on her bike) and fell, grazing her chin. No tears, just a quick clean up and she was good to go! And today we went out to the coast to collect mussells for dinner. The tide wasn't as low as we hoped, but we climbed lots of rocks, got splashed, and just had a yummy meal back at home. Of course, losing my keys out there was NOT fun. Thankfully, we had come in two vehicles, so my good friend W drove me home to pick up the spare set, and then I drove back. Phew!

Tomorrow it is back to work--time and a third pay on Sundays--and back to homework. Hope you all have a good week! I'll share some beach pics later in the week, maybe for a Wordless Wednesday?


  1. I've heard good comments about Grammar Land. I think my younger dd(7) would really enjoy this book.
    I love all of the games you and dc played. I think we are overdue for some games too.
    I love your October poem!

  2. Great update. Sounds like everything is going along so well!


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