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Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals for 1/31 through 2/4...

Saxon Math 5/4, lessons 17-21

*Language Arts
10 spelling words (printable workbook I bought from Scholastic)
Lessons 3-5 in Intermediate Language Lessons
Finish The Whipping Boy

Half hour daily piano practice, one piano lesson

Saxon Math 2, lessons 22-26

*Language Arts
Finish lesson 4 in The Reading Lesson
Finish lesson 2 in ETC
Re-read Bob Books 1-3, try 4 and 5

Ballet lesson, daily ballet exercises (15 minutes)

Both Children
Lessons 2-3 or 4 in Time Travelers New World Explorers (including activities)

We're gearing back up for Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, and will start "officially" next week with life cycles and food webs. We're focusing on threads B (Life Science) and D (Earth & Space Science) for spring, then we'll move into A (Nature of Matter) and C (Physical Science) in the fall, all in preparation for using Elementary Science Education by next winter. I realize that BFSU is targeted at K-2nd, but it is easy to add in higher level materials for Cyrus. I'm hoping that these books will get us through at least 6th grade with him! This week we are simply reviewing some of the important concepts Nebel says to have on place before moving forward in any of the threads, such as organizing things into categories.

*Art & Art Appreciation
Read about Piet Mondrian
Complete an art project based on Mondrian
Try out lesson one in Phonics of Drawing

*Music & Music Appreciation
Intro to ? New composer of the month will be on Classics for Kids on Tuesday
Listen to pieces from the composer of the month

*Nature studies
We need to start taking a weekly nature walk. I think we'll just head down to one of the creekside paths. The kids also need to collect and press leaves and/or wildflowers for a 4H art project.

We're reading a couple of chapters from The Secret Garden each day. We're also continuing with Norse mythology.

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  1. I would love to know what you think about Time Travelers. I've been very tempted to try it!


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