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Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying something a bit new...

We're relaxed homeschoolers - I'll be clear about that right off the bat. While the kids do have a bedtime, they get up whenever in the morning. School work, when it gets done, usually is done late afternoon. BUT, I want to try something a bit different next week, for a WHOLE week, and see how it goes... scheduling. Yes, actually having a planned time to wake them up, and to get going on the school work. I know, very radical, aren't I?

I also decided to simplify a bit. Instead of having two spines for history (Time Travelers and Hakim's History of US OR Pratt's American History Stories) that I have to mix together, I am dropping down to one. I want to give New World Explorers our full effort, as I truly believe that we're we to actually use it, the kids would both enjoy and learn from it. Yes, I'll still be adding in a few extra activities, documentaries/mvies and read alouds, but I am simplifying even those. And we'll take much the same approach for science.

My goal is to be done with seated school work by 11:30 or noon each day, which seems perfectly reasonable. They'll be doing language arts, math, Latin and history daily, science twice a week, art once a week, and park day once a week - the other day is for roller skating or 4H. Simple and straightforward.

Why the "crackdown"? I think the routine will be beneficial, for them and me. It leaves afternoons free for play, field trips, roller skating, housework, etc. And developing the habit of sitting down to work may be handy for them if I do have a new job in the fall, and they do part of their homeschooling with my mom... the math and language arts parts. And we won't be hurrying to cram it all in before I go to work in the evenings which is how it works now. Maybe if we do it this way, we'll have time for the crafts, artwork and other fun bits, instead of stressing to fit in the basics.

So I am in the midst of printing out stuff for history and science lapbooks, placing library books and videos on hold, and coming up with a rough lesson plan. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ooooh, a crackdown. Let me know how it goes.

    Sometimes I think Benjamin craves a wee bit o' structure. I throw it in once in a while! LOL :)


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