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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today's discovery...

Cyrus has been reading this book...
And really enjoying it, so I went ahead and read through it myself. I'll admit, I learned a lot... about the Wright brothers, engineering, horsepower, etc. Then, looking at the cover more carefully, I noticed it is a "Landmark Book". So I went to Amazon and typed in a search for Landmark Books. I am amazed at what I found! So many books on so many historical events and figures! I am surprised I didn't find these before.

Thankfully, my library carries many of these titles, so I am adding to our American history read alouds, with titles like:

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies
Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia
Liberty! How the Revolutionary War Began

And there are tons more! I love new finds, even when those new finds are old things. These books are easy to read, simply and clearly written, and tell everything in a story format - all of my children's favorite things in a book.

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  1. We have gotten a lot out of Landmark books. We're finished with them now, but they were a great part of our homeschooling.

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    How appropriate!


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