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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Things...

It is the little things that count, isn't it? Three mornings a week, I leave the kids snugly tucked in bed, fast asleep, and off I go to work. Two mornings a week, they head off to my mom's house for a morning of fun, and again, off I go to work. On the days they stay home with their dad, because they are still sleeping when I go, I leave them a note. I usually doodle a few illustrations on it (for example, today was a sun peeking out from behind a rain cloud), tell them I love them, things of that sort.

Once, when I was running late and did not leave a note, my kids let me have it when I got home... "Where was the note?" and "Why wasn't there a note?" They usually call me at work once they are up and about, so I had thought that would be enough, but no. I've never missed a morning's note since! Oh, and I leave a good morning note for the husband too!

And yes, every time I leave the house, I tell everyone in my family that I love them. You never know what's going to happen out there in the big bad world after all! When I was growing up, hugs with my mom were a daily thing, and I dutifully gave my dad a goodnight kiss on the forehead each day until about the age of 9 or 10. But, besides an "I love you" here and there, those weren't words that were just bandied around. Three small words, but perhaps the three most important words out there. I want my husband and kids to know how much I love them, and so I tell them every day. And they tell me every day that they love me too!

There are other little things I am working on, like actually listening when my husband or son tell me all about something they are fascinated by, which can take a while. And listening to The Girl's little stories that she invents. It is so easy to get distracted... hey, there's that book I wanted to read! Or, I really want to watch this TV show, or catch up on facebook. I am trying to not be the distracted mom, and sometimes, I tell you, it isn't easy. [Sorry (cringing a bit here), but I really am not that interested in exactly how the RC car works and all the modifications you can imagine]

Do you have any tricks for paying attention to things like that?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been reading about the Paleo/Primal diet. I'm still not 100% convinced, but it is intriguing. There are a lot of happy testimonials out there too. I do know that if I eat anything with wheat, I am guaranteeing myself achy joints the next day. But to ask the kids to give up pasta? Homemade muffins? Hummus? I'm not sure. I have Primal Body, Primal Mind at home waiting to be read as further research. Naturally though, I'm a little distracted by a new(er) Barbara Kingsolver book, as she is one of my all-time favorite authors: Flight Behavior. Maybe I'll aim for a chapter of each every day.

Any thoughts on Paleo/Primal?

And tonight I have to present legal options for homeschooling in California at a Homeschool Information Night our local association is putting on. I will say I am a bit nervous, as I am not always the best public speaker! So wish me luck!

Enough rambling! Have a good day!


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Those little morning rituals are very special. Every morning, hubby hugs me before he leaves. Half the time, I have no idea he's there, because it's 6:30 a.m. and I'm asleep. But it's so sweet.

    Honestly, I have a hard time listening too. Do I really want to hear about "The Smurfs"? No. I want to read my book or do my work.

    I got nothin' on the diet question.

    Good luck at the Homeschool Information Night!

  2. Well, oddly enough I just started listening to Flight Behavior tonight. So I'm curious to hear what you think once you get into it.

    As for Paleo...it's hard to give all those grains up, but I feel better for it. And yes, I get all achy from wheat too (a recent discovery) so it's easy to say no to that one. Good to read critically. There are so many opinions out there!

    Proud of you for getting out and speaking at the HIN. I bet you were wonderful!

  3. I'm sure you'll be great when you speak tonight.

    I love that you leave notes for them all when you leave every day. I make a point to kiss each kid goodbye if they're sleeping but my notes tend to be things like "please don't eat our supper as a mid-afternoon snack while I'm gone".


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