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Monday, March 11, 2013

What We're Up to This Week...

On this week's agenda:

Food and nutrition...
  • Check out a local butcher/meat shop for "wild" meats (currently they have venison, elk, buffalo, and wild boar!)
  • Start reading The Primal Blueprint to M in the evenings as he is curious about what I have been reading nutrition-wise. This will be his "bedtime" story!
  • I've been experimenting with veggie replacements for grains. My kids really liked the paprika cauliflower "rice" I made yesterday! (I used smoked paprika and left out the cayenne)

Around the house...
  • I have a week off coming up, and am planning on some good, old-fashioned spring-cleaning! In the meantime, old clothes continue to go out the door, I've donated a box of books already, sold a few older homeschooling items we're not going to use, and so forth.
  • Our veggies are off to a good start! I need to remember to look on craigslist for 5 gallon planters for this year's container garden!

It should be a good week!

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