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Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Report... Time Keeps Slipping Away...

Where did the week go? I can't believe it is Friday again already. This has been a week of some stress, and some adjustment. M just started the second half of his semester, so his schedule has changed.. he's now learning all about baking and pastry three days a week, and he's a Teaching Assistant another afternoon, which theoretically gives me more time to focus on homeschooling with the kids... maybe next week!

Side note: My mom is much better by the way! The new medications really helped. So thanks for the kind thoughts, which I am sure helped too!

So what did we do all week?

The Boy...
Read a car encyclopedia cover to cover, then made a list of every type of car he found in the book, and then made a list of all the cars he found in the book that don't appear to be made anymore.

He worked on a few more videos.

He started reading one of my old books from way back in my high school days - Quozl. He's misplaced The Dark is Rising, so this other book is filler material until he finds it again.

He worked through some physics games on the computer; watched a bunch of Top Gear episodes; drafted a new plan for a project he and a friend are working on (they are designing the ultimate caravan for themselves); and made a duct tape pouch.

He enjoyed his fencing class, and happily signed up for the Fencing Fun Night tomorrow! The kids spend four hours eating pizza, fencing, watching a movie with fencing, and playing games. There is a girl in his class that I think has a wee crush on him. She kept asking him to "please come to the fun night so I can hang out with you... PLEASE!!!" And poor The Boy was blushing the whole time.

The Girl...
Wound two balls of yarn with which to start her first knitting project - a scarf. She worked on crocheting at my mom's house, and did a very nice job with it! I'll start her with casting on tomorrow during The Boy's morning fencing lesson.

Her shows this week have alternated between animal/nature shows, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. She also picked up a few books on animals and such at the library, along with a fantastic book called One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia, which has occupied a lot of her time since.

She helped make dinner twice, and helped make a batch of apple spice muffins, which took a lot of measuring. She helped my mom with cooking as well, since they are there four mornings a week right now.

And we started reading Caddie Woodlawn (well, technically, I am reading it to her), and she really likes it! I loved that book at her age too. We continued The Story of Dr. Dolittle, and read a couple of chapters from The Rainbow Book of American History, which she has settled on as "her history book" for now.

And she's looking forward to some time without her brother tomorrow. I think we'll watch some "girlier" movies, perhaps Freaky Friday (the older one), or Troop Beverley Hills.

They walked the dog at my mom's house; played catch in the front yard; watched Once Upon a Time and Eureka; listened to the last chapter of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets; and explored the beach on Saturday, where it was gorgeous and surprisingly warm!

Oh, and because they are at my mom's house on Thursday mornings now, they will be helping organize the food pantry at the church my mom goes to--I am glad to see them doing volunteer work! 

I got a bunch of yarn off eBay, and will be starting a scarf for M tomorrow. I made the butter chicken, which has a much longer prep time than stated (just a warning), but is oh so good! Everyone loved it, so I think the recipe is a keeper. For tonight, I've got a delicious butternut squash soup going. I went to a poetry reading in place of class on Tuesday, and really, really wish I could say I enjoyed it. M and I watched The Fountain, which is a beautiful film, though definitely strange.

I got most of the kids' costumes together this week, and we had the Santa talk, which frankly went far better than I anticipated, as they had already pretty much figured it out.

Coming Up...
I plan to continue The Rainbow Book of American History with The Girl next week, and start The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way with The Boy. We'll also start the third Harry Potter book at bedtime, and hopefully get around to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! We plan to watch The Corpse Bride soon, and other movies coming up will naturally include both the Addams Family films, and It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I decided to back off on some of the [over] planning I've been doing again lately, and will stick to my what-if plans since we always seem to accomplish a lot more that way!

Hope everyone had a good week! I am sure there are many things we all did that I left out of this post, but honestly the week went by so quickly it is almost a blur!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. My kids love Caddie Woodlawn! I never got to read more than an excerpt as a kid, so I may have stolen it from them and read it, too. Next week is definitely a good week for Halloween movies. I've promised the kids Hocus Pocus and Dark Shadows, among others. So glad your mom is doing better!


  2. Sounds like you guys got into a little bit of everything this week! Thanks for reminding me (both you Gillian, and Sarah from the comments)to cue up some Halloween movies this week. We went to see Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman as a play last week, and that was a great one for this time of year!

  3. Great week. I love that they get to spend time bonding with their grandmother, that time is so precious. I need to get the Penuts movie you mentioned about the pumpkin my boys would love that.


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