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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musings... So Much Science...

Outside My Window...
It is cold and gray this morning, not even 50 degrees out yet, although the weather report promises lower eighties by afternoon. 

In My Home...
I am nearly caught up on laundry and dishes. The kids are helping me with some general housework here and there, trying to keep things ready for the holidays so that we are not doing mad amounts of cleaning right before Christmas!

In My Kitchen...
I made Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal this morning, and it was so, so good! I used this recipe with some changes (coconut oil instead of cooking spray, vanilla extract in place of maple, cranberries instead of raisins, and 2 eggs instead of 1-- and I didn't caramelize the bananas first, just sliced them, and put them on the bottom of the baking dish with a sprinkling of raw sugar and cinnamon. Plus, this recipe makes more like 6-8 servings, not 4!). We're going to try our spaghetti squash this week with pesto and chicken, rather than marinara with sausage or meatballs. And I promised The Girl that this Friday's soup would be her beloved potato-leek.

In Our Homeschooling...
It's funny... I've been fretting a bit about the lack of actual science going on in my house, besides all the documentaries, and then this weekend, the kids went all out with science! It started with The Girl getting out the microscope and slide set. Then she practiced making slides. Meanwhile, I thought The Boy looked bored, so I pulled out the Milestones in Science kit, and let him have at it. So far, he's made a steam engine model, an airplane, and a pinhole camera, while The Girl made a spectroscope. I am hoping this momentum continues!

I started M's scarf this weekend, and decided I need to get some smaller knitting needles for The Girl. I did find that I can knit moderately well left-handed, so I can teach The Girl. I am really glad I picked up knitting again, as it is such a pleasant task!

On the [Homeschooling] Agenda...
In math, I am hoping to "catch up" a little this week, with
fourthree solid lessons for each kid in Life of Fred and Zaccaro. In writing, I am planning to have The Boy work through another couple of lessons in Write With the Best, and a similar number of lessons in Emma Serl's Language Lessons for The Girl, along with a lesson for both from Hot Fudge Monday. I also want Cassia to alternate Reading Horizons lessons (2) this week with reading practice from the readers that go with the program. In history,
I'll be reading from The Rainbow Book of American History OR Builders of the Old World with The Girl, and I want The Boy to read from both A Little History of Science and The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way, to see which he preferswe're returning to simply listening to The Story of the World, Volume 1, on audio book. Maybe we'll get a lesson from Mapping the World with Art completed. And I am absolutely determined to get our reading from the Afternoon Basket done!

Bits & Pieces, And the Rest of the Agenda...
The Boy had a great Saturday! He attended fencing practice in the morning, and then went to a Fencing Fun Night from 6 pm to 10 pm. This involved fencing games, a movie, pizza, popcorn, and loads of fun! There's a girl in his class with a crush on him, and she was so happy to see him at the fun night she gave him a little hug! While he was gone, The Girl and I took the time to hang out together and watch Troop Beverley Hills. She laughed a lot at the hair and clothes! She had derby practice last night, and will be skating in a halftime scrimmage on the upcoming Saturday, followed by a roller derby overnight/slumber party at the rink. She's very, very super-excited about this!

Hope you all have a good week! I'll update on my mom when I get an update!


  1. That oatmeal sounds delicious!! Might have to make that for my kids. They (and I) love pumpkin, but my husband won't touch it with a 10-foot pole. Lucky for us he doesn't eat breakfast at home.

    Yay for science! Go momentum!

  2. I will definitely be trying the oatmeal-we are on a pumpkin kick around here. Have a great week!


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