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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In March...

I am totally stealing this idea from Kim over at Our Enchanted Place.

Holidays... Special Days... Other Things On the Agenda... Odds & Ends...

March 4: Both Mardi Gras and The Girl's birthday! She wanted her dad's homemade hamburgers for her birthday dinner, so I will be making jambalaya a day late (tonight).

March 9: We change the clocks! I really, really dislike "springing forward", but am not willing to move to Arizona to rectify the matter.

March 14: We are definitely going to have to remember to celebrate Pii Day this year! I'm sure Cassia will be more than willing to help me make a pie.

March 15: Ides of March. I'll have to come up with something to do! Maybe plant some flowers in honor of the Roman first day of spring...

March 16: We'll have to make sure we notice the Full Moon. I've been trying to get the kids to notice the phases of the moon a little more. March's full moon is called the Worm Moon or Sap Moon, so maybe I'll make something with maple syrup to celebrate the latter name.

March 17: St. Patrick's Day, and yes, we have Irish in us, on both sides of the family. We'll be wearing green, making soda bread, and something Irish for dinner (maybe lamb stew and Irish potato pancakes?)

March 17-21: Spring break at work, and yes, I have the week off. Plans include at least a couple of field trips at long last! I'm looking at a cheese factory tour, maybe the local college art galleries, and perhaps the Petrified Forest, and/or local planetarium.

March 20: The first day of spring! Maybe some wildflower gathering, seed-sowing, a nice dinner celebrating the vegetables of the season. We don't really celebrate Easter, so I'll be giving the kids "Equinox baskets" on the 20th, with some treats, some trinkets, etc.

And the Odds & Ends:
Wet-on-wet watercolors (every time I buy paint, The Girl manages to find it and use it before we get to wet-on-wet-work!)

Potting some flowers for the front steps, probably pansies and geraniums

Figuring out where we're putting the raised beds exactly

Cleaning out the kids' clothes again, and donating what doesn't fit

Researching volunteer opportunities for the kids

Have a delightful month!

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  1. Wait what? Spring starts is this month? Someone forgot to tell the weather.

    (crosses fingers and hopes that April showers really do bring May flowers)


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