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Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday the Fourth....

First off... 

It has been a good, but busy, week. I [wrongly] assumed that being unemployed, I would have more time at home, but so far that has not proven to be true. Instead, it seems I am running errands constantly, for myself and everyone else! Maybe it'll get a little calmer from here on out, though somehow I doubt it! 

Our week...

The Girl volunteered for a derby demo and game leadership at an elementary school's summer program

There was derby practice and fencing practice

We went on a few bicycle rides and saw some beautiful creatures...

Cassia made a sculpture...

The kids and I did some housework

I refined my homeschooling plans a little more, focusing on the idea that less is more, or Multum non Multa

And we worked in the garden...

Black raspberries
Cucumber blossom
Baby bell pepper
Sungold cherry tomatoes
The first squash!
Our first grapes
Peaches ripening quickly
There is still plenty of weeding to do, and of course, more housework

M built a self-feeder for the chickens, which is awesome

Tonight, we're kicking it at home. All the fireworks displays that are happening tonight cost money to get anywhere near, so we're grilling, and watching a movie, title to be determined (maybe Pirates of the Caribbean? I'm trying to talk The Girl into Raiders of the Lost Ark, but she's claiming she hates it)

Tomorrow we're heading out to the coast for the afternoon. We plan to grill on the beach, and then go watch a [free] coastal fireworks display!

Have a happy, and safe, fourth! And a good weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I've given up on gardening, but I love watching everyone else and live in perpetual envy of your abilities. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Happy 4th!

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Lovely garden! Ours is bursting with green too. Happy Fourth!

  3. Those peaches look awesome! We ended up chopping ours down because they never turned out anything except hard little green golf balls.


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