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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Week Already!

Another year simply zipping by far too quickly.

On the Agenda...
Well, Thanksgiving, of course! The kids and I will be at my mom's for dinner, M will be at work. Usually I bring desserts -- pumpkin pie, an apple-cranberry tart, and a apple-quince-mince pie, plus whipping cream.

The kids and I have started making a little money on the side through sewing catnip toys for a local cat-grass/toy provider. The Boy cuts, I sew and pink, and The Girl stuffs the toys! Since they have a rush order needed for Christmas, we're planning a few blocks of sewing mania this week.

Of course there is fencing on the agenda. The Boy participated in a team tournament on Saturday, and while he had a lot of fun, his team lost badly. At least they all enjoyed themselves!

I work two days this week, and have one class to go to, as well as one tutoring session to provide. I'll be glad tomorrow afternoon when I am officially off the rest of the week!

In Our Homeschooling...
Yes, we are homeschooling for Thanksgiving week, as we did not get a lot done, book-wise, last week. There will be math, geography, writing, and reading, as well as some science. The Boy did build several virtual roller coasters yesterday as part of science, using what he had learned in Conceptual Physics as far as velocity, acceleration, etc. The Girl will work on geometry this week, while The Boy continues in algebra, learning and reviewing division with variables.

What We're Reading...
The Boy is reading The Scorch Trials, book two in the Maze Runner series, while The Girl is still working on Black Beauty. I wrote last Monday that I'm having trouble keeping her reading, so now we all have a half hour or so a day when we sip tea while reading quietly. I love it, since it gives me a chance to read my own books (currently Gentian Hill, having just re-read a bunch of Maeve Binchy books, and in the mood for something different)! I'll also read aloud from The Marvellous Land of the Snergs, and maybe some more of Edward Lear's poetry. We'll tackle another chapter or two of Poop Happened, start reading about Europe, and try to get to the other books in our Afternoon Basket.

What We're Watching...
We did watch The Golden Compass last night, and we still really wish they had made movies for the other books in the trilogy. We've also watched half of Amadeus so far, and plan to finish it this week. So far, the kids see Antonio Salieri as both a victim and villain (and yes, they are aware that much of this movie is supposition). We're also watching, as a family, The 100, though we haven't gotten very far. The Boy plans to watch another episode of Cosmos, and The Girl will be about halfway through Life in the Undergrowth this week. I am starting to think ahead to Christmas movies -- what are some of your favorites?

I finally started knitting regularly again! I still have a gift certificate from my birthday last year to a lovely little yarn store, so I am trying to finish up the scarves I had started for The Girl and myself before treating myself to a little "spending spree". The kids made and decorated beeswax candles at the library last week, and they smell wonderful.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving week!

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  1. I have been thinking about Christmas movies too. I think my all time favorite is the Muppets Christmas Carol. My husband and I always watch A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation without the kids and look forward to that. We just got Elf, which I have never seen but always seem to hear about. Christmas in Connecticut is also on my list to see this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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