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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year...

I am hoping you all have a 

My New Year's Resolutions...


This includes finances, our home, homeschooling, meal planning, etc. I wrote about this topic in a whole post of its own!


Pay more attention to my body (I'm reading Intuitive Eating for some guidelines on this)

Remember to take my supplements

Move every day. I love hiking, biking, swimming, roller skating, etc., and I want to have fun while getting healthier. I figure if I move every day, I am on the right path!


Start meditating more -- just a few minutes a day is better than none!

Work toward my personal and professional goals in 2015. Chances are strong that I will be laid off in June again, so this time I am going in prepared.

Start learning Spanish.

Expand my knitting repertoire.

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