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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tools for Organization...

My keyword for 2015 is organization. My horoscope for the year says to continue with self improvement work I have been doing, that keeping a tight rein on finances will be beneficial, and that things will be improving over the year. After a difficult 2014, I hope even half of this is true!

So I've been looking around for tools to help me make some changes organizationally. I had tried FlyLady years ago, but the incessant emails were too much. It drove me batty (no offense meant).

Anyhow, so I've been casting about for organization tools (home, finances, menu planning, personal growth), and have found the following:

52 Weeks To An Organized Home: I like the idea of adding/doing one little thing each week (okay, so some of them are not so little). I like the idea of building those habits in over time.

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps: Again, little and some not so little) steps that will make a big difference in the end, focusing on building a maintainable lifestyle and getting out of debt. I'm also looking at budget planning tools, such as BudgetSimple, or BudgetTracker, though I am certainly not opposed to using a printed/written version either.

For menu planning, I need to start actually looking at sales each week, make a list of staple foods to keep stocked (and then actually keep them stocked), and go from there. This article has some good tips, and then there are plenty of other menu planning resources out there.

As far as personal growth, I came across this book -- Life Makeovers: 52 Practical & Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time  -- at the library bookstore for fifty cents. Worth a try, I think!

And there you have it, my current list of tools for the new year, though I'll gladly take recommendations too!


  1. The Fly Lady emails drove me batty too! That 52 weeks site looks awesome, I bookmarked it:). I have been enjoying the Zen Habits blog lately, not so much about organizing, but a lot of good stuff about simplifying. Sorry if this goes through twice, my first attempt seemed to vanish.

  2. The Flylady emails are nonstop, aren't they? I could really live without the sales pitches and testimonials, although I like the post that summarizes the week's zones and tasks.

    Regarding the meal planning, we bought ourselves a family Christmas gift of a year's worth of The Fresh 20 meal planning service. We're in week 2 and we have eaten really well, not been hungry once afterwards, and tried a bunch of veggies we'd never thought we'd eat. It's probably the only resolution we'll keep this year :) (not an affiliate, just very happy!)

    If you find an organizing plan that works for you, please share it!


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