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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our dwarf peach tree is the first fruit tree to bloom in our yard...

And just for fun, Valentine's Day at the park with friends...

There were plenty of cards, friends, treats, and fun! This is just part of the group... I think there were around 20 kids. We love looking through all the cards when we get home -- some store-bought, some homemade, all to be treasured.

In homeschooling news (briefly), we've decided to drop the Afternoon Basket for now. With how busy we are, I am not getting around to half the rotational readings, and I want to concentrate more on fewer books at a time. Plus, our history book right now is so much more than simply history... nature studies, local geography, etc., all wrapped up in one!


  1. I am clearly living in the wrong part of the country. I am having a hard time even imagining flowers, we are buried under so much snow!

  2. Agree with Kim.

    We are looking at another 5-6" today, followed by freezing rain. :(


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