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Monday, February 9, 2015

This Week... 2/9/2015-2/14/2015...

...Outside My Window...
Rain, rain, rain. I'm loving it! It comes and goes, as does the wind. The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and cloudy off and on. We took advantage of a break in the rain n Saturday to go on a walk around nearby Spring Lake.

...In My House & Kitchen...
We're gearing up for our first slumber party in a few weeks, so there will be some deeper-than-usual cleaning going on. I really want things tidier before then! Thankfully, it isn't anything dirty to clean up, just the clutter four people make when they are home a lot.

My husband and I have a sort of bet going. He says it is cheaper to shop each day for what's needed, and I said planning ahead saves money. Last week we did it his way, and saved every receipt. This week we're doing it my way, and again saving every receipt.

On the cooking agenda this week: I made a roasted chicken Saturday, so tonight will be some chicken tacos and Thursday, I'll be making this delicious Creamy Chicken Tomato Vegetable Soup.

...In Our Homeschooling...
Thanks to a reminder from a fellow blogger I think we might be doing the Great Backyard Bird Count soon! It would ft in nicely with The Girl's recent bird studies. I also want to go out and get a sample of pond water this week, for some microscopic explorations, as per The World in a Drop of Water. I think what we'll do for the rest of her science this year is to read/work through:
and something on amphibians.
I'd also like to grow some tadpoles with her, and make a small worm farm.

The Boy is helping his dad rebuild a small gas scooter, and is still in the process of choosing a project from The Art of the Catapult. He's making good progress in his first real online class too!

...Reading & Watching...
The Girl has switched, for the time being, from The Hunger Games to The Little House in the Big Woods. Truthfully, she seems to be enjoying it a lot more, and she's interested in pioneer life now! The Boy is continuing with The Maze Runner, as well The Small Engine Handbook. We're making some good progress through The Hobbit as well. And we're about halfway through The Last Olympian in the car. We are reading about local Native Americans in An Everyday History of Somewhere, which we are all very much enjoying.

And we've enjoyed another episode of Big History, this time focused on gold. I'd like to take the kids to the Gold Rush Days in Sacramento this year. Other field trips I'd like to take soon include the Japanese Tea Garden, when the cherry trees are in bloom; the Conservatory of Flowers; the Exploratorium; and the Oakland Museum of California. Of course, there are a dozen very localized trips I'd like to take too!

...On the Agenda...
We're back to two derby practices a week, with the first bout scheduled for the 21st, and two fencing practices weekly. I'm on a break from tutoring, but am still sewing cat toys. I luckily get two three day weekends in a row, so that makes from some nice extra time to catch up on stuff! We also have a Valentine's Party at the end of the week to get ready for... cards, treats, etc. M is back on the job market (gee, thanks downsizing!), so we're polishing up his resumé.

The Girl finally got her derby pics back, so I thought I'd part by sharing one!

Have a good week!


  1. We are doing GBBC for the first time this year! The photo of Cassia is adorable! Have a great week!

  2. WOOT! My comment posted!


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