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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh, the Agony...

I wish high school had not gotten here so quickly. I am in a quandary with planning for The Boy. On the one hand, I feel maybe he needs to have a full plan, a "real" high school line-up, and on the other, I would love to see him continue his exploration of the world. I am set on math and English... everything is fine there. But, once I move past the "skills", the "content" areas befuddle me (see here for content subjects/areas versus skill subjects/areas). I worry about not giving him enough, versus overloading him.

He too vacillates a bit between the two. "Mom, I should do all the regular high school subjects, just in case", or "Mom, I really feel I do better when we unschool some stuff."

It doesn't help that there isn't a lot out there, that I can find, about unschooling the high school years. It seems that many unschooling families do a 180 when they reach ninth grade (How to Stop Unschooling Attrition), or at least I've seen that in more than one case. Of course, I have read about studies like this one: How do Unschoolers Turn Out?, and I've heard of unschoolers heading off merrily to college, like the Colfax family, I still worry.

What if I turn my wonderfully curious son into the class dunce?

I don't know yet if I have the courage it seems it will take to make this jump, this leap of faith.

Any words of wisdom out there?

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  1. Depends on what he wants to do later on and if and where he wants to attend college. My daughter has an affinity for math and science, and strongly feels she wants to study engineering in college hopefully at a local private school she is very interested in so we're now basically doing "regular" high school to prepare her for that after years of being VERY flexible homeschoolers. If she was more liberal arts inclined it wouldn't be a huge deal I don't think.


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