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Monday, June 13, 2016


This is a somewhat difficult post for me to write. It is not easy to admit...well, not failure, but...maybe a lack of success. 

Ever the "Doubting Thomas"
My daughter is very smart. There's no doubting that. She knows so much more about animals than I could imagine knowing. She can figure out technology, apps, etc. She is creative, funny, and very passionate. She's also dyslexic, and has some processing issues.

But, when it comes to certain basics—namely math and, even more so, spelling—she lags behind where I'd like her to be. So I've come to the conclusion that eighth grade will be a Year of Remediation for her, before we reach high school.

I am trying to choose materials that I believe will work for her, and that will not make her feel "dumb" or "behind". Reading Horizons worked wonders for her reading skills. The fact that she's deep in the world of Harry Potter never fails to thrill me! She reads a lot of nonfiction too, hence much of the animal knowledge.

So what to do? What to choose? For spelling, I'm sticking with the approach that taught her to read... Orton-Gillingham. To make it simple for myself, I decided on All About Spelling, which is based on OT, and is a multisensory program (multisensory = good for my daughter).

As for math, I have a few options I am considering, with the current forerunner being AGS Basic Math Skills, which covers middle school math using 3rd-4th grade reading levels. While that is below her current reading level, I think it would make it all that much easier. I also like the layout, which is pretty uncluttered. If she didn't dislike it so much, I'd return to Saxon. Other options include CLE, or maybe Lial's Basic College Math, but would the last be overwhelming? I'm even considering Math-U-See, but really don't know that much about it yet (and there is the cost). I do think the hands-on nature of Math-U-See would work well for her though...

Anyhow, it is a journey we will undertake over the next year. Do I wish we had started sooner? Yes, but really, there is little to be gained from regret. Additionally, I think she is ready for this level of dedication at this time.

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  1. I am sure it will be a wonderful year of growth. We did the same last year to help support processing speed and build up the subjects effected by an LD and it was amazing. Sometimes you really can't start earlier because your dc are not at the point where the learning and growth are their personal goals. But suddenly when they hit that age where the challenge becomes something they want to own and take on as a way of accomplishing their own desires the learning really advances. It is amazing to see our kids mature and struggle with obstacles that as a parent we wish they did not have to deal with that in overcoming brings their strength and gifts to fruition. Good luck to you both in your coming year!


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