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Friday, June 17, 2016

We've Reached the End...

The end of Downton Abbey, that is. Yes, at long last, we are watching the final episode. We're actually about two-thirds of the way through, trying to savor the final moments. I will say, we have really enjoyed this series, and the kids picked up a lot about history—from world events, to fashion, cars, living styles, manners, and much, much more—fairly effortlessly. 

I am little disappointed that the last season seems somewhat hurried. We got to know Matthew, and watch his relationship with Mary slowly develop. But the relationship with Henry... well, it doesn't exist one moment, and the next, she is full of adoration for her new husband. And the other plot lines are moving in a similar, fast-paced manner. But I still love the show!

Anyhow, now we have to move on, find something new (while waiting for The Gilded Age). Shows up for consideration are Mercy Street, War and Peace, Doctor Thorne, or ??? The problem is finding shows that are as visually and historically rich as Downton, without excessive sexual scenes. We're not uncomfortable with some nudity here or there, or suggestions of sexual stuff, but I'm not ready for them to watch anything like Rome, or The Tudors, you know? Maybe we'll watch Manor House! It might be interesting for the kids to see how modern people attempt to adapt to an Edwardian lifestyle. And then there are shows like Bleak House....

In the meantime, we're off to the park today to hang out with friends (if the rain stays away). And M's birthday is Monday, so we are gearing up for that! Have a great weekend!

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