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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A day of fun...

Yesterday we headed off to the California Academy of Sciences for their monthly free admission day. We did have to wait outside in line for about an hour, and it was a cold, grey day in SF, but totally worth it! My mom and sister came with us, as neither had been since the big renovation a year or so ago. We spent about 6-7 hours there, and had a great time!


  1. Oh, I adored the Academy of Sciences as a kid! I am sure it's quite different now than it wan then! In the '90's I used to take my niece and nephew there... I *think* I have a picture of my niece on that seal. Or maybe just a similar seal. Good times!

  2. Looks like alot of fun. Wish our museums and such had a free day each month.


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