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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sort of Weekly Report...

This has been a good week for child led education!

Working on cursive daily with cutomized printable worksheets from KidZone. He asked me for these! Today I made him one about insects, focusing on the Darwin's Stag Beetle, which he developed an interest in after watching Life (that great documentary series).

He is still reading from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. When a book makes him laugh aloud, I know he's enjoying it! He's also reading from a book on planes, which has led to a fascination with the Wright Brothers. And a lot of airplane drawing, since he checked out a book on airplane drawing as well.

She's really enjoying The Reading Lesson, and is doing well with it! She is sounding out words, and insisting on trying. I am in awe, and last night almost cried with joy when she read 6 pages aloud, of her own choice (and insistance).

I'm reading Ramona and Her Father to her as well. She seems to really connect with Ramona, and is happy that there are more in the series. I have promised her that when she is ready, I will order the entire set as a gift for her.

She's also doing two to three lessons most days in MathSteps. After a lot of debate, and after getting her opinion, we're sticking with Saxon Math for the fall rather than switching her to MEP. Why fix what isn't broken? She also learned a bit more about fractions this week, when she asked to make a cake. We made a caramel cake, using a recipe from the back of a Fannie Flagg book. Fairy did almost all the measuring, and mixing. She also learned to set the temperature dial on the oven for preheating.

We completed another week in the reading challenge at our library. As a bonus, when we got there this week, there was a box of rolled up posters on a table, with a sign "Free to parents and teachers". So we went through all the posters, and found a great one for each child... Elf got a lovely painting of the Wright Brothers with a bi-plane, and Fairy got an Elsa Beskow poster, highlighting several of her children's books!

Both have helped me with watering the yard this week. The kids are growing popcorn, and they measure the stalks almost daily. We also have some volunteer melons coming up from last year's garden, and are getting ready to dig them up for transplanting. Can't wait until we can tell what kinds they are! Both are growing tomatoes also, and their plants finally have little baby tomatoes on them. I've been teaching them flower identification while we're out there... lobelias, hydrangeas, abutilon, morning glories, salvias, dahlias, nasturtiums, and so forth.

We've been discussing fall physical activities. Elf really wants to go back to fencing, which he tried before for a few months. Fairy has decided to try jazz dancing, which I think may suit her more than ballet.

I think that's it for this week!


  1. My 10 year old just checked Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing from the library. I hope she likes it. And she's eagerly awaiting the new Ramona movie out. We read all the Ramona books out loud last year because I wanted to reconnect with them from my childhood. Good times.

  2. I just had a children's librarian tell me not to dismiss the Ramona books for Ben--ha, ha. I guess she assumed I'd simply ignore them b/c he's a boy?!?!

    Tell me...how do you go about introducing extra-curricular activities to your kids? Technically, Benjamin wouldn't know he has the option of taking fencing or any other "class." Did you simply offer them a few choices one day or did they hear/see something about such activities and then you researched options in your area?

    I'm just curious. :)

  3. I read through parts of our city activity guide with them, and had them narrow possible choices down, and down again. The city-run classes are a relatively inexpensive way to try new things!

    And for what its worth, Elf is really enjoying the Ramona books too!


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