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Friday, April 13, 2012

Life is a Roller Coaster...

And right now I'm plummeting down the incline. I got my six-month evaluation at work today... all good scores, excellent feedback, got my first raise, and was placed on regular (non-probationary) status.

Then I got all the air knocked out of me. My boss started crying a bit, and told me that due to cutbacks and layoffs, I am being "displaced" by a senior employee that was being laid off - her position was eliminated.

After June 30th, I am unemployed.

I am trying to keep in mind that when a door is closed, a window opens, and that there is SOME reason for this, even though I can't see it from where I am.

I was placed on regular status partly so that if anything similar opens up in the next 39 months, I am on the call list for the position. I can also get unemployment as a regular employee, not as probationary. My boss, and her boss, are writing me letters of recommendation as well.

I'm stunned. I am worried about money too, but somehow we'll work this out... we've always kept afloat before. M is going to try to pick up more hours at his job, or do some side work to help.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping everything works out in your favor.

  2. Oh Gillian, I'm so sorry to hear this news. Like Wendy, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!


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