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Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Musings...

Another sunny day, although we're supposed to have rain again tomorrow, and the next day. But we'll enjoy the warmth and light while we can!

So, what are we up to this week?

We're trying to move away from too much screen time, both TV and computer. I want the kids to play [outside] more, and there are plenty of things to keep them busy besides staring at something. And I always have things I want to get done too, so limiting my own time on the computer will help... I swear I will finish my first knitting project (a scarf that has taken far too long!)

I made copywork jars! Cricket's has bits about the meanings of flowers, and information on dogs and horses, while Bug gets quotes related to geology, astronomy, and ancient Egypt.

We'll be reading more of Johnny Tremain, and I think I will read the Declaration of Independence from The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Cricket and I will continue enjoying All of a Kind Family.

I decided to read Bug's "assigned" (I recommend books, but don't generally actually assign them) reading with him, so we'll be snuggling up in the big chair to read Abel's Island over the next couple of weeks. He just started Dragon Rider as his free time book, having finally finished The Lost Hero. (Note: I think he's been sneak-reading at night again too, since I found The Lightening Thief in his bed this morning.)

I'm going to have both kids focus on fractions for a while, using the Math Mammoth Blue series. Cricket will be doing work from Intro to Fractions, while Bug will be using Fractions 1.

We're going to read from The Story Book of Science, and work with all the plants we bought yesterday. We also planted some seeds, so we'll be keeping a close eye on those. I've decided this lends itself quite well to a lesson on botany. We'll use the Spiral Scouts Handbook: Gardening Badge for a lot of inspiration.

The kids will be getting some hands-on construction experience, with building raised garden beds.

I want Bug to finish his alliterative piece, and then copy it out again once I correct the spelling. He also needs to work through a (remedial) lesson on spelling. Cricket will be working in Phonics Pathways and Explode the Code.

I am going to work on reading The Writer's Jungle, and incorporating more of the Brave Writer Lifestyle tips. We will have poetry tea time this week!

Hope you all have a good week!

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