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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ack! How did we get so busy?

Well, technically, we're not that busy... yet. But it seems that this spring will be a full one!

The Boy has been doing fencing for a couple of months now at a small, local studio. Yesterday, The Girl decided she should try the class too--it's a fun one, geared toward homeschoolers. And she loved it! So now I have two kids in fencing. And The Boy wants to sign  up for the in-house tournament in February, which I think is great--it shows that he is loving this activity enough to put more effort in.

Next week, roller derby starts back up one evening a week. And then, the following month, track and field starts up, two late afternoons/early evenings a week, one of which is the same day as roller derby! The Girl loves her derby (and it's good for her), and The Boy is really looking forward to all the various activities offered in track and field.

Needless to say, with only an hour between track and derby practice, I think the crockpot will be getting a lot of action this season! Time to start collecting great recipes, so if you have one, I'd really appreciate you sharing it!

And of course, one of the track practice days is the same day I have an on-campus class. I think I can work that out though--there are a couple of homeschooling families we know that also do track and field, and one of them lives maybe 5 blocks away, so I can get The Boy to practice, and maybe one of them can drop him off afterward.... maybe. I hope.

Then we'll have birthdays. And this year, my "baby" will move into double digits. Geez, it goes fast! It's funny. As a child, I always heard adults commenting that time goes by so quickly, and back then, being a kid, I didn't get it. Time moved so slowly... Halloween took so long to get here, and then the wait for Christmas, the wait for summer vacation (though not necessarily the vacation itself)... all the waiting took forever. Didn't it seem like forever when you were a kid? And now I can see how it is true, that the time does pass too quickly. And I already promised the kids we'd do "real" birthday parties this year. Hmmmmpphh. I guess cupcakes at park day just won't cut it this year!

And we have a large veggie garden to put in. And some house repairs to make. I could keep saying and this, and that, but I think you get the picture by now.

Technically, I could say, let's limit your outside activities a little more. But then, I look at the big picture, and realize that two evenings and one afternoon a week, and all the joy and healthiness that comes with activity, is worth a little juggling!


  1. Wow. That sounds both incredibly fun, and totally overwhelming! May I suggest a large thermos or three to go with the crockpot meals? Then you can eat on the go if you need to.

  2. Is it just me or is being 'busy' more fun? You know this month has been the most fun I've had homeschooling in eight years -- and I think it's because we've kept 'busy.'

    I sleep well, my mind is fresh and I feel ready for anything. I say...Rock on with your busy selves!!!


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