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Monday, January 14, 2013

Art Project: Shades & Tints...

Yesterday we did activity #1 in the National Art Gallery Activity Book. We studied Henri Rousseau's painting titled "Tropical Forest with Monkeys"...

What we were asked to pay special attention to were the shades and tints of green. The book also gave us definitions for shade and tint, then suggested an art project, finding shades and tints of favorite colors, and using them to create a piece of art. The Boy chose red, and The Girl blue. We were supposed to look through magazines, and fabric scraps, etc., for our art materials, but instead I headed off to the hardware store to pick up paint chips (in blues and reds of course)...

The kids spent maybe an hour on this project, flipping through their colors, cutting, gluing, rearranging, and so on, until we had these, with which I am very happy...

The Boy's work in reds

And The Girl's work in blues
This was such a fun project, and I absolutely love the results!


  1. Cool!

    I wonder if hardware stores have noticed the huge volume of chips they've lost due to Pinterest and homeschool mamas? :)

  2. I love the chair and the bird especially. What great artwork!

  3. Love the paint-chip art! And thanks for linking the painting -- I'd never been to that website before! I took the quiz and got 100%. :)


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