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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

 We have a big rock with a depression out in our front yard that we keep water in for the birds... this is from this morning - the leaves look gorgeous encased in ice!

And the sunrise through the icy fog was beautiful too, but I am always so cold lately!

I'll have more pics to post later, from our hike through the redwoods on New Year's Day, which is, by the way, a fantastic way to start a new year!


  1. Wish we could have joined you in enjoying the Redwoods! Sounds wonderful!

    We wanted to do a family hike on New Year's day as well, but it was -17 F here. :(


  2. Yeah, it's a little crazy, isn't it? I guess we just get used to it...plus we learn to wear layers and embrace wool. Lots of wool.

    It is warming up into the 20's for the weekend. The older boys are going winter camping and so it's nice that it will be "warm." :)

    Hey-if you have a Kindle, you should check out this book. I just got it and am a few chapters in, and thought of you. It's an easy and encouraging read, and FREE today.

    The Homeschooling Highway: How to Navigate Your Way Without Getting Carsick


  3. Beautiful photos!

    Yesterday was so cold that for once, we didn't go out. I made that call when I put my hand on the inner door handle of the sun porch to get the mail and my hand froze to the knob.


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