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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to the Grind...

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This was my first week back to work, and I'm glad it's almost over! Not that anything went wrong, mind you. I'm just not used to having to get up early, be gone from home all morning, etc. And I had a fair amount to catch up on... all the invoices, equipment requests, and so forth that came in while I was gone. I did finally meet my new boss yesterday, and she seems really nice. She says she doesn't want to change the way things are working here, as we seem to have our little office under control, which is a relief.

Next week I start back to school as well, as does M. He'll have two very full days of classes, and I'll have just one evening class. I did think about taking a second evening class, but honestly, I've got enough on my plate at the moment, and I need to have time for actual homeschooling!

What We Did This Week...

We went bowling, thanks to the free bowling for kids summer program. I actually beat M, for maybe the second time ever!

We finally started watching season two of Once Upon a Time. Love that show! We're still enjoying Eureka and Merlin as well.

We finished Cheaper By the Dozen. Next up is The Princess Bride! The Boy is nearly done with Behemouth, which he highly recommends, and The Girl and I are making good progress with Elizabeth I: Red Rose of Tudor. I think the World Landmark book -- Queen Elizabeth & the Spanish Armada -- will make a very good follow-up.

The Boy got some one-on-one coaching again this week at fencing. He was told that his footwork is excellent, and he controls his foil very well. The Girl is gearing up for a roller derby bout (she'll be doing the halftime show demo), so she has practice twice next week. Both kids are possibly nearing a step up in the level of their sports... meaning that The Boy may move soon to the teen/adult fencing class, and The Girl might move up to a real team (full contact) soon!

And today is blackberry picking day at the park. I'm thinking blackberry cobbler tonight!

Coming Up...

We'll be, more or less, officially starting up our 2013-2014 school year in another two weeks. We're adding in over those next two weeks: history reading (I'll be reading to The Girl, The Boy will be reading his history book of choice on his own); science reading (different books for each kids, but I'll be reading them both aloud); art; and The Complete Book of Marvels. That way, when we get to our official starting week, we'll only have to add in math, hands-on science, cartography, and language arts, so hopefully it won't be too much of a jolt! Speaking of language arts, I received Write With the Best, volume 1, in the mail yesterday, and I love it! We'll be using it at "half pace" so it will last The Boy the whole year, and he will still have time for free writing, poetry, language arts games, and more.

Hope you all had a good week!

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