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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Having a "Dickens" of a Time...

Sorry for the horrible pun, but I couldn't resist!

Last Friday, we watched... 

And it was very good - absolutely a well done version of this story!

So then we did some research on what other Dickens work is available on film. I'm loading up our Amazon watchlist now, with films like...

David Copperfield

We're really especially interested in the David Copperfield film, as it has both a young Daniel Radcliffe, and one of our all time favorite actresses, Maggie Smith!

Watching very well made period films is a fun way to learn some history, and it is good exposure to the woks of a man considered to be one of the greatest writers ever.

Besides that, we went to Wunderkammer this week, and had a marvelous time...

 We saw people in fabulous Steampunk costumes, watched a Handcar Regatta and a magic show, along with gymnastics and hula hooping, and of course the kids couldn't resist either of the bicycle-powered rides!

And yesterday, we found one of our mantises that had grown just a wee bit...

Next week we'll be back to hitting the books. I think we're ready!

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  1. You guys sound like you've had some pretty cool things to keep busy with this summer, too!

    I'm trying to get over my Praying Mantis phobia through your photo...not working so well!

    Best Wishes on the start to your new school year next week. I haven't decided when we'll officially start back yet. September weather here is usually too good to stay inside for, so school may have to wait until October!


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