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Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Report with Pictures...

It was a busy week, and we're still trying to find our footing, so to speak, what with work, and college, and all that!

We visited the feed store for chicken and guinea pig supplies, which meant, of course, that we had to check out the rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc.

And there was blackberry picking, which resulted in blackberry cobbler, blackberry-apple crisp, and blackberry-strawberry compote. Now that I finally have a working oven again (it's been about 6 months), we'll be making some Blackberry Cornmeal muffins as soon as we get back out to pick more berries!

And the kids have been busy with crafts during their mornings at my mom's house. First up are The Girl's crafts - lots of glue and old Altoids tins involved... she also made me a bracelet and necklace (bead work), which I'll get pictures of later.

And then there is The Boy's work, definitely Steampunk-inspired!

And a close-up...

With the crafts, and errands, and lots of Story Cube play, and fencing, and derby practice (at which The Girl took her first major fall, but got right back up and started skating again), and reading, and watching some favorite TV shows, it has been a jam-packed week!

Hope you all had a good week, and that you'll have a good weekend!

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