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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tightwad Tuesday...

The kids and I have been watching Extreme Cheapskates, and can I just say... are these people crazy? Yes, I absolutely believe in being frugal, but you won't catch me collecting dryer lint at the laundromat, feeding my kids expired food (or shopping at any grocery store called "Dirty Don's"), and you certainly won't find me peeing in a jar.

So, having clarified that a little, what are some of your favorite frugal tips?

The Girl really wants to make a batch of homemade laundry soap (which she saw on 17 Kids & Counting), and I already make most of my own household cleaners. I am trying to decide which soap to use for the laundry soap... Fels Naptha, Zote, or Dr. Bronner's? I've read pros and cons on all of them. I think I am leaning toward the Dr. Bronner's, as it is a natural product, and I am not sure about the others. Plus I like some of the scents!

And we eat a lot of veggies and fruit, especially in season produce; buy bulk goods when we can; keep the heaters off most of the time; etc., but I am sure there are things we haven't thought of yet.

Any tips on saving money? What are your frugal habits? (And please, if it involves flushing only once a week, or eating goat heads, I'd prefer not to know)


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Oh gosh, we're doing everything as frugally as possible these days! At least, until after February. Once hubby gets his first full paycheck, things should loosen up.

    But, even still, frugal is a good idea. It's good to not waste money (or anything else).

    Here, we're very frugal about entertainment. Want a new book, DVD, or TV show? We go to the library for it. :)

    Our exceptions are things we really, really, REALLY love.

  2. I make the Fels Naptha version of the liquid homemade laundry soap (can't use powdered in a septic system) and my own cleaners. We eat at least one meatless dinner per week (meat-and-potatoes husband grumped at first, but he's gotten used to it) and have programmable thermostats throughout the house. I make our menu and grocery list based on the sales each week and stock up when I can. We make almost all our own breakfast foods and freeze them rather than buying convenience foods (even using organic flour, homemade frozen pancakes are cheaper than Ye Olde Eggo brand, and I won't even get started on how much more filling they are when you add some buckwheat). I buy eggs from a friend who raises them and raise/dry my own herbs, which I think you already do but there it is anyway. We don't really drink pop/soda/Coke or buy bottled water. We shop Goodwill and the Salvation Army for a lot of our clothes, especially the kids', turn off electronics when they're not in use, etc., etc. Mostly the basics, I suppose, but I figure I'll throw it all out there. Good luck to ya!

  3. Oh dear. I really should just e-mail you, shouldn't I...rather than type it all here. ;)

    1. :-) I'd love an email!

  4. I'd love to hear how the laundry soap turns out! I've been meaning to try that for a while, too. As far as frugal habits and money saving tips go... we rarely eat out (food is better at home anyway), get movies and many books from the library (although book buying is my favorite sport. I try to buy used though), I cook from scratch, and we don't buy sodas, chips etc. Like Sarah, I hunt Goodwill for clothing and other needed items first. Probably all things you do, too. It's hard to find new money saving tips without venturing into the territory of peeing in a jar. How does that save money anyway?!

    1. Less flushing. And she then added the jar contents to her compost. I'll just say eeewww to that!


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