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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I can feel homeschooling slowing down as we enter the final stretch of our academic year. There are some things I want to finish up before we stop, around mid-the end of June, so in no particular order, I'd like...

The Boy to finish the sections on decimals, and fractions in Zaccaro's Challenge Math, and do work in Integers from Math Mammoth.

The Girl to finish up Knowing Mathematics, although we're subbing a combo of worksheets from Math Mammoth and Multiplication Facts in 7 Days (more like 14 or so!) instead of the multiplication chapters in Knowing Mathematics. Maybe I should print out some triangular math facts flashcards too... hmmm. It seems strange to have a child that likes flashcards, but there you have it!

I'd like to finish reading through A Little History of the World for an overview, in preparation for strictly interest-led history next year. I also want to finish watching Mankind: The Story of All of Us, and then re-watch America: The Story of Us, with the kids. Maybe read through a brief book on American history?

Finish The Wind in the Willows, and read The Princess and the Goblin OR The Marvelous Land of the Snergs.

I think I might take The Boy through a review of paragraphs and then the 5 paragraph essay with Create Better Writers' instructions.

I have a stack of leveled readers for The Girl to finish working through, and I'll have her finish running through Reading Pathways to continue fluency work.

And I'd really like to finish reading Dr. Art's Guide to Science, since it gives such a good overview.

And that's it. That's ALL I have scheduled/planned right now. Is your school year winding down too?

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