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Monday, March 30, 2015

And We're Back!

...What We've Been Up To...

Hikes with friends and family

Derby practice

Sorting through books and clothes we no longer need

Tutoring a friend's teen in math and writing (my job), and photography/camera use (The Boy's job)

Library visits, now that I finally paid off The Girl's overdue fines! And she discovered Charles de Lint, one of my all-time favorite authors, with The Cats of Tanglewood Forest!

Dying streaks of hair purple and then practicing selfies (please pardon the mess in the background!)

Celebrating spring with friends at the park

 The kids have been taking turns heading down to a local school playground for basketball with M

The Girl started exploring stop motion photography

Sculpting houses a la Dr. Suess!

I took up running... and love it, though I'm not very good at it yet!

Volunteer work (mine) at a teen crisis shelter

Celebrating the equinox with "Ostara" baskets

Fencing a sabre tournament (first attempt at sabre, he's on the right)


Math and writing every day (by which I mean at least 4 days a week)

And more reading aloud, hopefully to be followed by/interspersed with some field trips

Some physics, chemistry, and Henry Ford (The Boy)

Lots of frog studies and a bit about Catherine the Great (The Girl)

More volunteer work at the teen crisis shelter, and more tutoring

Perhaps an art project or two

Derby practice, fencing practice

More running, basketball, and hiking

Plenty of time to explore interests old and new!

Have a good week!

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