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Friday, March 6, 2015

Another Week Down...

Another week has come and gone! We're getting ready today for two nights of camping, which we are all very much looking forward to. Here's a little glance of what we've been up to...

What We've Done This Week
The Boy
Worked on some review problems in Jacobs Elementary Algebra. He is doing quite well with this book, judging by the results of his efforts. Because we started this relatively late in the year, we won't get through the whole book by any means, and I think it will take him most, if not all, of ninth grade to complete it.

He completed some more work in his online course, on Scratch programming, and spent some time working with Blender on a new animation project.

Plenty of time was spent: drawing, reading, a little writing, playing some computer games, watching a little TV, helping in the yard, cleaning his room, and packing for camping.

The Girl
We took a math break this week, and will start fresh next week (see below), although she did play some Circles & Stars, and lots of dice/card games.

She wrote in her journal, thumbed through books she got for her birthday, worked a bit in Writing Skills on classifying nouns, read some of Shel Silverstein's A Light in the Attic, and a bunch of Mother Goose rhymes, helped cook, cleaned her room of her own accord, watched some TV, and helped pack fro camping.

And Plans for Next Week
Truthfully, I am a little disappointed in my own efforts in the homeschooling and housekeeping realms as of late. So I've come up with a plan of attack for the remaining weeks of March...

My plans for homeschooling will consist only of math, writing, and finishing The Hobbit as a read aloud. We're really enjoying the book (The Hobbit), but it keeps getting set aside! I am not going to worry about science, history, geography, etc., until April. The intent here is two-fold -- I need the extra time for the below, and I want to see what the kids manage to do with this, as they are certainly welcome to pursue their other interests on their own as desired.

The time we would have spent in homeschooling pursuits will be spent organizing our home. I again have a two-fold reason for this, one being the sleepover the kids want at the end of the month, the other being that it needs to be done. I do have a great plan for keeping it organized and tidy once we get there, but we have to get there first!

And we're adding in/changing a couple of things when we start back up with our very minimalistic plans: The Boy will go ahead and start The Lively Art of Writing, which I was originally saving for "high school", and The Girl will be working through the Life of Fred elementary books at a much accelerated rate, probably 3-4 lessons daily until it gets more challenging. If she needs anything extra, I have Math Mammoth readily at hand.

And Now
A weekend out in nature! No computers, no cell phones (except for picture taking, and if there should be an emergency, knock on wood). The Boy and I are taking sketching materials. We're bringing two decks of cards, binoculars, and not much else, unless I can locate The Hobbit!

Have a good weekend!

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