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Monday, March 9, 2015


We spent Friday afternoon through Sunday mid-day camping at a nearby park. It was absolutely just what I needed! Friday was spent in setting up camp, then wandering around the lake in the late afternoon sunshine. On Saturday, we hiked up to another lake and back, about an 8 mile round trip, then walked around the lake by the campsite after dark, amazed by how many stars we could see. And on Sunday, we packed up, sorry to go, before walking around the lake just one more time...

In between all the walking and hiking, there were a number of card games, time spent just watching the campfire, a little time for reading, hot tea and cold water to drink, marshmallows to toast, lots of laughter, and all the good things that go with camping!

Looking out over the horizon, as appropriately dressed as always

On their favorite rock

A swan on our first afternoon at camp

Ferns growing from a rock

The lake at the top of the mountain


The trail to the top of the mountain

I'd like to know for sure what this flower is!

I get this look from her a lot these days.

Happy camper in the morning

A gazebo out in the middle of nowhere, for hikers to enjoy

Some beautiful fungi and lichen

Reminds me of bonsai

Sweet-smelling wild roses

Misty morning over the lake

I believe this one is an Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Now we are back to the real world, one in which the time even changed while we were away (which honestly I had forgotten about). Back to math, writing, reading, and organizing. It was a needed and much appreciated break!

Have a good week!

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  1. Wonderful! We are only now beginning to see our grass again -- YOUR green is just what I needed! Glad you had fun!!


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