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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'll stop whining now...

Thank you for the kind replies to my post yesterday! After talking it over with M, and the kids,  doing a lot of soul searching, weighing all the options, etc., I have finalized my decision. Remember this sample weekly schedule? It allots ONE hour for actual history a week. For that one hour, I am going with an overview of world history.

The rest of the time? Well, there's an hour (or more!) for literature each day. And with that hour, and then some, we can explore RABBIT TRAILS! (Thank you Jessica... you're right on the money. If I "schedule" anything/everything, we'll definitely get "off track").

I think it is the best of both worlds--they will get their exposure to chronological history, and fascinating cultures, AND they will get to explore their interests.

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me through all my ups and downs!

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  1. Yes. And then you start all over again later, when they are older and can study more in depth!

    And of course you must leave time for those rabbit trails!

    We are going through the history cycle for the 2nd time now. My kids are really not into Ancient History so much, but they retained a good bit from their first go-round (with SOTW), and made some new discoveries, so they were pretty happy. Now we're getting into medieval and again, they remember a good bit but are also learning more and analyzing more.


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