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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts... On Summer Break...

Since we started out the week with no school, we've decided to start our summer break NOW. We're relaxing entirely this week and next, and then we'll start our "summer school" officially.

So what are we up to while relaxing? The kids have been playing in our pool nearly every day, although yesterday was just too windy and a tad chilly. So instead we watched a movie...

Which was actually quite good! I always get nervous about books made into movies, especially books that I loved as a child. Watching this movie also led us to start reading one of my all time favorite books...

We also watched episode four of America: The Story of US, regarding the division occurring between the North and South just prior to the Civil War. Watching it led to a very interesting conversation about slavery, factory workers, and general living conditions at those times.

Settle something for me... are my kids too young for Gone With the Wind (the movie)? I read and watched it in 5th grade, but M insists they are too young.

Okay, yeah, after reading my comments and thinking some more about it, they are probably too young. Maybe we'll just read this instead.Or even just leave it alone for now, since they have the basic idea down from the documentary...

Today, we are off to a riverside beach with my mom and sister, to celebrate the end of another year. How do you celebrate the end of each year? Any plans for Memorial Day? I know our plans include avoiding crowds, so no beach on Monday... maybe redwoods instead!


  1. Gone with the Wind? Well, the lovey stuff (Oh, Ashley!) and the general slappin' around of Scarlett (Frankly My Dear...)might be a bit much for young ones.

    It'd be sort of difficult to get the historical context without wondering why Scarlett is such a spoiled brat and why she's in love with Ashley but pretends to love Rhett and then there is the whole "little girl & the horse accident) issue.

    And drunken, abusive Rhett.

    Hmmm, I'm saying, No. Not due to major violence or anything, just heavy subject matter with too much symbolism and difficult themes to comprehend without having "lived."

    It's better left for when they're older and can really 'get' it.

  2. I'm with Jessica - I love this movie but your kids are old enough to register what's going on in the movie without neccessarily being able to understand it, or how the abuse and alcoholism fits into the storyline.

    I'd say 15 and up is probably better.

  3. Good points, and well taken. I think we'll leave that one on the back burner for now.


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